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The following posts include new documents related to the ongoing Dissolution Study for the Village of Keeseville:

About this Site

This site is intended to inform residents about the dissolution study, and to provide a forum for residents to give feedback and have input on the study. You can take a look around, and if you'd like to add your voice to the discussion, simply sign-up as a member.


Welcome to the Keeseville Dissolution Study Web Site

This site is part of the ongoing Village Dissolution Study that's underway within the Village of Keeseville, NY. The Dissolution Study began in early 2012, and is expected to continue throughout most of the year. This web site is an important part of the efforts of the Village's Dissolution Study Committee to reach out to residents for input and feedback throughout the study process.

A couple of quick tips on using the web site:

1. If you're looking for opportunities to come out and voice your opinion, check the Events calendar for upcoming public meetings. As these events approach, more details will be added about the date, time, and location.

2. If you're wondering what a Village Dissolution is, and what the process of studying dissolution means (and doesn't mean), you might want to start with our External Resources discussion forum.

3. If you want to keep up with the latest project documents and study materials, that's what the Study Material discussion forum is for.

And last but not least, if you're having trouble getting used to this web site or need some help finding stuff, try starting with the Site Help discussion forum. If that doesn't answer your question, use the button below to contact Fairweather Consulting and Rondout Consulting, the two companies who are guiding the Dissolution Study Committee through this project.


Study Material

Materials prepared as part of the Village Dissolution Study Project will be posted within this category, including basic data collected from the Towns and Village, service inventories, fiscal analyses and results and recommendations. You are encouraged to provide your comments by responding to the appropriate posting.

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Materials presented at each of the project meetings will be posted within this category. You are encouraged to review these materials and provide feedback by responding to the appropriate posting.

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Press releases and other news related items will be posted within this category.

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External Resources

Links to external resources related to the dissolution project will be posted within this category. You are encouraged to post your thoughts or questions about these resources by responding to the appropriate posting.

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